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  • Kendall Knight (Kendall Schmidt) - Kendall is the lead singer of the group. He is also the schemer. Gustavo made him the leader of the group.
  • James Diamond (James Maslow) - James is the one who always wanted to be in a boy band. He is apparently obsessed with his hair and always keeps a lucky comb with him in his pocket. He also keeps personalized headshots with him too.
  • Carlos Garcia (Carlos Pena Jr) - Carlos is the joker of the band and always likes to wear his hockey helmet. His dad is a cop and Carlos usally likes thinking about thoughts of "happy thoughts of kittens"
  • Logan Mitchell (Logan Henderson) - Logan is the genieus of the group, but panics under pressure. Whenever the others are doing something bad, and they tell him to join him, he always says "I've gotta get new friends."
  • Katie Knight (Ciara Bravo) - Katie is Kendall's little sister who is always shown to be a lot smarter than her mother.
  • Gustavo Rocque - (Stephan Kramer Glickman) - Gustavo is a worldwide record producer who meets the boys in Minnesota and offers Kendall a chance to come to Hollywood with him and Kendall convinces him to bring the others too. He also calls them "Dogs" or "Monkey Dogs". Gustavo is a mean person, and he yells alot.

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